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Hdale Testimonials

"The HDale Sheep Handler has allowed me to replace two machines with one, therefore reducing handling time and stress. Weighing and crutching of stock is now a lot easier with just the one labour unit. The belly crutch option has enabled a good return on investment through the works premiums for crutched lambs. The HDale Sheep Handler has been a good investment"

Marcus Blyth, Dannevirke.



The Auto-Weigh Sheep Handler is the best piece of farm equipment I have ever used."

Simon Williamson, McKenzie Country.


The HDale auto is the only true one man machine on the market."

Duncan Smith, Stag hill, Waipukurau.


"After looking at other options we purchased a sheep express conveyor from Hdale. It has proved to be the right decision. With low entry height sheep load easily without having to have another person feeding sheep onto the lead up race. Our clients and staff love it as there is no climbing up and down to use the conveyor. We shift a lot and it is quick and easy to get to transport mode. We had draft gates fitted to the front and have used these lot for drafting out the odd animals that come across. "

Blair Stewart, Rural Business Ltd, 021673 174
Scanning and conveyor contracting, Alexandera