Crutch and Weigh Combo

Product Information

The CRUTCH AND WEIGH COMBO sheep handlers has been saving 1000's of farmers time, money and sore backs. With a unique top clamping system sheep are well restrained in the handler and stopped from sitting down in the clamp. Rolling the sheep onto their side is easily achieved by an air switch giving the operator full access to the underside of the animal for crutching and animal inspection. The belly Crutch mechanism (optional) gives further access to the animal and the ability to full belly crutch. Crutching throughput of 80-150 per hour makes easy work of cleaning up sheep.

Operated with a weigh scale Automatic Weighing, Drafting and Catching is activated by adjustable (magic eye) sensors, ensuring the animal is caught in desired position for required task. This leaves the operator free to supply sheep to the unit. Weighing and auto drafting through-put between 500-800 per hour means processing large numbers of sheep is quick, efficient and accurate. Maximizing returns for stock which are drafted to weight ranges.

A remote control lets the operator control the machine if required. This allows for "clean /dirty" drafting or crutching while drafting.

Entry ramp to the handler is adjustable for width or Ramp Clamp (optional) this restrains the animal waiting to enter the handler, reducing animals backing up before the unit. This option also allows two operators to work on the machine at one time.

Portability is easily achieved by a transport kit (optional) giving the ability to operate the unit in multiple yards or taken to the paddock.


  • Transportation kit
  • Ramp clamp
  • Auto catch
  • Belly crutch mechanism
  • Head access flap
  • Eye wigging