Daggers Mate

Product Information

The DAGGERS MATE the ultimate dagging machine for dagging and crutching. With all the physical benefits of the Crutch and Weigh Combo without the weighing and drafting. With the unique top clamping system sheep are well restrained in the handler and held from sitting down in the clamp. Rolling the sheep onto their side is easily achieved. Giving the operator full access to the underside of the animal for crutching and animal inspection. The belly crutch mechanism (optional) gives further access to the animal and the ability to full belly crutch. Crutching throughput of 80-150 per hour makes easy work of cleaning up sheep.

Controlled by manual air switches the Daggers Mate is a cost effective method of crutching and dagging sheep.


  • Belly crutch mechanism
  • Head access flap
  • Transportation kit
  • Auto catch


  • Top clamping
  • Rollover
  • Full belly crutching
  • Rubber lined floor and sides for quietness and holding
  • Portable