Sheep Express Conveyor

Product Information

The SHEEP EXPRESS conveyor is designed specifically for drenching, vaccinating ,dipping and drench capsule applications in sheep of any size. It can also be used for ear tagging, mouthing and checking feet. Saving the operator from race work and increasing productivity.

Throughput ranges from 700 - 1800 sheep per hour depending on operation and staff numbers.

The Hdale SHEEP EXPRESS conveyor has a deep V shape which gives the ultimate design to fully restrain the sheep and provide good access to each animal. Low operation height gives a lower and shorter on ramp. Over head bars to prevent sheep jumping and adjustable ramp width increase flow of sheep on to the belt with ease.

Hydraulic driven by a 13 hp electric start Honda hydraulic power pack and 10m hydraulic hoses. Two electric start stop buttons along the conveyor gives full control for all operators. The electro hydraulic control features include width adjustment (optional) and speed adjustment. Raising and lowering of the conveyor for change between operation and transport modes.

With 3.2m and 4.2m length machines. Hdale have a conveyor to suit any application whether medium sized farm or large farm orcontractor a SHEEP EXPRESS conveyor will save you time and money.


  • Width control
  • Aluminum walkways
  • Front drafting gates


  • Hydraulic control
  • Deep v design
  • Portable
  • Adjustable width control
  • High output
  • Long life adjustable belts