Stockman HD Headbail

Product Information

Stockman Headbail

The STOCKMAN headbail is designed to give many years of easy use.

Suitable for all classes of stock. Whether smaller calves, dairy, cattle or large bulls this full walk through headbail is an ideal choice.

The patented HYDRALOC ™ ram locking mechanism gives quiet, infinite locking of the headbail doors in any position.

Heavy duty yoke style headbail doors and frame guaranties many years of hard use.

Low handle operator height makes for easy opening and closing of headbail.

Suitable for dehorning, calving, pink eye, ear tagging, woody tongue etc


  • Hydraloc™ locking ram
  • Yoke style walk through headbail
  • Lower operator handle height
  • User friendly push pull headbail handle
  • Hot dip Galvanized


  • Rear operating handle
  • Baulk gate
  • Air operation

Farmhand Headbail

The Farmhand headbail is an easy to use headbail designed for lifestyle blocks, dairy run offs and small farms.

Easily mounted to posts with standard 20mm gudgeons this can be shifted between yards if required.

Rope activation of the headbail means this headbail can be operated from behind the animal, giving easier one man operation.

Headbail locking bars are easily adjustable to suit any size of animal.