C3 Auto Drafter

Product Information

The C3 Autodrafter is designed for fast and efficient AUTOMATIC drafting.

The self contained unit is run from a Gallagher or Trutest Indicator and air supplied from a compressor.

The draft gates automatically operate based on the draft decision from the indicator. This can be for weight or criteria (with the use of EID).

This simple system can be positioned in front of an existing cattle crush or weighing system or integrated into a full Cattle Handling System.

Full Access Gates are provided to give access to a Head Bail for Dehorning / Drenching and Tagging if used in front of a Cattle Crush.

Remote control to

  • Set drafting between Manual and Automatic
  • Manual control of draft gates

All steel work is fully hot dip galvanised.


  • Automatic Drafting
  • Free standing unit
  • Access to a headbail
  • Remote control


  • Up Grade to a C5 Autodrafter