Stockman Auto D3

Product Information

The STOCKMAN Auto D3 is a solid and versatile cattle handler. With all the strength and design benefits and options of the standard STOCKMAN crush.

The STOCKMAN Auto D3 is available in Vet or Vetless model.

Fully automatic weighing and drafting is achieved through the integration of the Farmquip "Smart Draft" auto drafting system with Trutest or Gallagher indicators and air operation of all crush functions, giving full operation of the cattle crush by electro switches and remote control.

This system has been used for many years on our acclaimed Hdale sheep handling systems and adapted to suit cattle handling requirements.

The STOCKMAN Auto D3 can be used in 3 modes.

Manual (operated by switch or remote) Semi automatic (manual entry automatic weigh and draft) Fully automatic.

With the integration of Electronic Ear Tags (EID) and EID readers individual animals can be tracked and recorded easily without any operator intervention.

"Draft by Lists" can be created in the office and set up in the yards to automatically draft animals based on these preset criteria.

Growth rates can be monitored to ensure animal health and performance is tracked and maintained.

All these benefits assist in collecting and using information in a manner that is time efficient and economically sound. This is the ultimate step in making more money from this technology.


  • STOCKMAN HD Headbail
  • Quiet locking system
  • Air operation
  • Remote control
  • Scale mounting frame


  • Parallel side squeeze
  • Rubber floor
  • Upgrade to three way draft module in front of crush
  • Upgrade to 5 way auto drafting