Heenan Work Room

Product Information

The HEENAN WORK ROOM stands out head and shoulder above all others.

Soft, thick 4 inch thick padded rails and walls ensure deer are contained safely at asll times.  When the two walls are brought together the padding over the top rails catches the deer safely by the neck.  Padding at the bottom secures the lower legs and body no matter what size of the animal.  Small deer sink into the padding preventing any movement during operation.  Deer are held firmly, comfortably and return to the handler time and time again without resistance.

The Heenan Work Room can be assembled with the hydraulic controls on either the moving platform or the still platform.


  • Greater operator safety - Both platforms raise and lower with the walls so the operator is always in a commanding and safer position above the animal.
  • Supplied with either 1 Phase or 3 Phase Hydraulic Power Pac.
  • Maximum opening width - 1200mm
  • Maximum lifting height - 1500mm


  • Petrol Power Pac option availables times.