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Why Woolaway?

Since 1962 Woolaway Construction have designed and built woolsheds and covered yards. This privately owned Company has a wealth of experienced staff from Project Managers, Structural Engineers, Tradesmen, Carpenters, Quantity Surveyors and Design Draughtspersons.

Woolshed design is now an exact science. Computer analysis, modular layout, standard components, first class materials and experience combine to produce low cost farm buildings that minimise labour requirements during shearing and yard work. On-site construction by tradesmen result in economical, well-built farm buildings which work properly.

Individually and standard designed woolsheds and covered yards built to your requirements – functional and economical – proven modular system.


Based on years of research and development Woolaway have developed a unique computer software package specifically applicable to woolshed and covered yards design and pricing. Structural steel or timber are sized to conform with local Building Codes, wind velocities, anticipated earthquake forces and economical design concepts. Permits are readily obtained with the assistance of computer printouts.


A free service – Woolaway's Project Manager visits your site, listens, inspects, and completes a detailed questionnaire to find out what you want and to give advice.


Good stock flow is essential. Based on education and experience your Woolaway Project Manager plans a shed / covered yard layout that works properly. Shearers' facilities, wool classing and pressing, bale load out, prevailing poor weather aspects, and site drainage all need consideration. Sketch plans are drawn for your site based on your knowledge of local conditions.

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